Hadees: Aurto Jaisi Shakl wa Surat ikhteyar karnewale mardon par laanat

Hadith: 02-July:

Abdullah ibne Abbas (R.A.) se riwayat hai ke:

❝ RasoolAllah (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) ne Aurto jaisi Shakl wa Surat ikhteyar karnewale Mardon par Laanat farmayi.

📕 Bukhari 5885

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  • Khan Abdul Aziz

    As salaam alaikum, brother you are doing good job by posting Qur’an and hadees and making people knowledgeable , may ALLAH ta’ala make your way easy and smooth in duniya and also in akhirah AMEEN , but brother whatever you are posting please post it in a little bit detail so that it can be understand easily and please post the reference book and number also in detail. JazakALLAH. 🙂

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