Give from the abundance of what you have. #BilalPhilips #IslamicQuotes #Hadith #DailyHadith #HadithoftheDay

Hakeem ibn Hizaam quoted Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as saying:

“The best charity is that given when one has surplus wealth; and the upper hand is better than the lower. But begin [giving charity] with your dependents.”

  • Collected by an-Nasaaee and Ahmad [SJS.1115] and by
  • Muslim (Sahih Muslim, vol. 2. p. 495. no. 2254) and
  • Afcoo Daawood (Sunan Abu Dawud. vol. 2. p. 440. no. 1672).
  • See also Mishkat Al-Masabih. vol. 1, p. 410
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