Sureh Kafirun padha karo, Yeh Shirk se aazadi hai

۞ Bismillah-Hirrahman-Nirrahim ۞

✦ Mafhoom-e-Hadith: Farwah bin Nofal (RaziAllahu Anhu) se marvi hai,
Unhone Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu Alaihay Wasallam) ki khidmat me hazir ho kar arz kiya,
“Ya Rasool’Allah (Sallallahu Alaihay Wasallam) ! Mujhe koi aisi cheez bataayen jisey Mai bistar par jatey waqt padha karu.’

Tou Rasool’Allah ne farmaya “Sureh Kafirun padha karo, Yeh Shirk se aazadi hai.

Sunan Tarimzi, Jild-5, Pg-257, Hadith no. 3414

✦ Complete Hadith in English

Farwah bin Nawfal (ra) narrated that: He came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said:
“O Messenger of Allah, teach me something that I may say when I go to my bed.” So he said: “Recite: Say: ‘O you disbelievers’ for verily it is a disavowal of Shirk.” Shu`bah said: “Sometimes he would say: ‘One time’ and sometime he would not say it.”

(Another chain) from Farwah bin Nawfal, from his father: “That he came to the Prophet (ﷺ)” then he mentioned similar in meaning. And this is more correct. [Abu `Eisa said:] And Zubair reported this hadith from Ishaq, from Farwah bin Nawfal, from his father from the Prophet (ﷺ), with similar wording. This is more appropriate and more correct than the narration of Shu`bah. The companions of Abu Ishaq were confused in the narration of this hadith. This hadith has been reported through routes other than this. `Abdur-Rahman is the brother of Farwah bin Nawfal.

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 3403-Hasan (Darussalam)

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