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Munazra (Debate)

Who is Yahweh and what is the perfect definition for Almighty God

If Christians and Muslim belive in same God then why we argue over two books , how we accept & come together under 1 roof. Masha’Allah awesome answer by Brother Imran(IREF President) – must watch and share this more than more.. Yahowa, what is jesus in islam, Yahweh in Quran, Ya Ho Wha, Gods and […]

The Bible or Quran: Which is God’s Word ? Bro.Imran Vs Samuel Green

Ma’sh’Allah ! [By Allah’s Will] 1st International Debate between an Evangelical Christian and a Muslim student of the Quran was held in Sydney, Australia on the 7th of July 2012, Saturday at the Bellevue Auditorium. Video Dekhe: What Is The Meaning Of Bible, Who Wrote Bible, Bible Adaptations, What Is The Bible Book, What Are […]