(English Speech) Who is YAHOWA and How Christians & Muslims come together if we believe in same Almighty God(ALLAH) ?

if Cristians & Muslim belive in same God then why we argue over two books , how we accept & come together under 1 roof *Masha’Allah aw ..... Read More ›
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How Christians are more than Muslims ? awesome reply by Brother Imran

Awesome reply by Brother Imran when Nonmuslim brother ask “if islam is authentic religion then how Christians are more than Muslims” Read More ›
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Is Jesus(pbuh) God ?, Is Muhammad(pbuh) a Prophet ? debate Bro.Imran vs Bro. Thomas Jerry (Full)

Is Jesus(pbuh) God ? , Is Muhammad(pbuh) a Prophet ? Complete debate between Bro. Imran Vs. Bro. Thomas Jerry (Complete Bayan) Read More ›
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The Bible or Qur’an: Which is God’s Word ? Debate between Brother Imran & Samuel Green

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Kya Bible Allah Ka Kalaam Hai? – Dr. Shuaib Sayyed Vs Dr. Charles Lakra

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